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"Coolio" shows off his Aussie smile for the camera!
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0710 NorCal ASC Herding Trial:  

Patterson AKC Herding Trial Sept 2017

   0811 GSDFNC Herding

                     Sat:    Ducks     Cattle     Sheep   

Patterson AKC Herding Trial July 2016  
   Sat  HT   PT   HSA    HIA    HXA   Win     Sun:  HT   PT   HSA    HIA    HXA   Win

         Sat :   Ducks    PT     HT      Sheep                      Sun:   Ducks     Cattle     Sheep   Win
         Sun:   Ducks    PT     HT      Sheep    Win Photos 0710 Del Monte KC    Carmel, CA  
0511 GSD Specialty - Vallejo    0710 Del Monte KC    Carmel, CA  
                Candids    Dogs        Bitches    BOB/Win

0710 CWDTC Ob Match- Gotcha/Howdy

0111NorCalAustailianShepherdClub 0710 Feather River ASC
Patterson NCBCF Herding Trial Sept 2014  
Sheep     HT    PT


0610 NorCal Bearded Collie Fanciers:
Patterson AKC Herding Trial June 2014  
Sat Sheep   HT/PT        Sun:  Cox    PT/HT   Sheep
1210 Delta AS Fanciers                          Sat:  Ducks          Tests          Sheep


1010 Feather River ASC                         Sun: Ducks          Tests          Sheep 
0812 GSDFNC Herding 0910 AHBA Herding Trial: 0510 NorCal ASC   Dixon, CA: 

 Sat:        B Sheep     Ducks     PT     HT    A Sheep         

                  JHD         HCT         Ducks        Sheep                         Wins  Puppies   Renville  RDCandids
Sun:  B Sheep     Ducks     PT     HT     A Sheep    Win Pics 0910 Nor Cal ASC Dixon, CA 0510 Coyote Hills KC  Vallejo, CA

Sue's Fox Terrier

0810 GSD Fanciers of Nor Cal Herding 0410 Herding Class- Emery 

     JJ & Linda's Wedding 4/7/12 

                   Sat :   Ducks    PT     HT      Sheep 0410 Delta Australian Shep Fanciers
 GSD Specialty Fremont, CA March 17,18        Juniors                    Sun:   Ducks    PT     HT      Sheep    Win Photos  0310 PASA Show    Santa Nella, CA: 
    Sat:  Candids   Dogs   Bitches   BOB   BOBP   WinPics 0810 Richmond KC   Dixon, CA:                        Win Photos   PeeWee/JRs
    Sun: Candids  Dogs    Bitches   BOB  BOBP   WinPics                     Australian Cattle Dogs       Siberian Huskies                         Ring shots:      Adults    Puppies 
Rem                      Great Danes          Rhodesian Ridgebacks                        Candids: Club Photos   Waggoner   Goertzen
0112 NorCal ASC Dixon, CA  0710 Vallejo DTC Ob/Rally Match 0110 IABCA

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*(special editing extra)

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All flies will be in jpeg format unless you request otherwise.  
Additional services: cropping, editing, special filters, special requests: check for pricing. 
*(special editing extra)        
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